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Temporary Organizations: Competition Management for Global Formula Racing Public Deposited

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  • The Society of Automotive Engineers organizes the Formula SAE competitions annually for universities internationally to compete in a series of events. Teams compete in several dynamic tests for the vehicle’s handling, performance, and fuel economy, as well as static events that judge the team’s assumptions for cost, design, and business elements. This paper explores the application of management structures to the environment that teams experience when they are at competition. The needs of this temporary organization differ from when at a fixed location, such as a university, in terms of objective, norms, and resources and require a different approach. Background research from similar environments, mobilization practices, and management structures provide a baseline for a theory to be applied to how a Formula SAE could operate more efficiently. Interviews of several members of the team enabled specific applications to be created and used at one competition during 2010. These were then reviewed and modified afterward to be more effective for the next event.
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