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Perinatal Care and The Transition to Telehealth During COVID-19: A Metasynthesis Public Deposited

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  • The emergence of the 2019 coronavirus disease drove the rapid implementation of telehealth in maternal healthcare services in the United States (US) and globally. To protect providers and patients, states across the US incorporated telecommunications technology to substitute traditional in-person care for many aspects of perinatal care, for low- and higher-risk patients. It is important to understand the outcomes of these structural changes by analyzing patient experiences and perceptions of access experiences and quality of care. In this metasynthesis, I analyze seven individual qualitative studies on maternal telehealth experiences during the early surges of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this study, I aim to center patient experiences with perinatal telehealth care, to assess its challenges and benefits from the perspective of birthing people, and to evaluate the potential of perinatal telehealth post- pandemic. Across the seven articles, three cross-cutting themes emerged: 1) questioning the quality and content of traditional, in-person, perinatal care; 2) the benefits of telehealth; and 3) the challenges and unintended consequences of perinatal telehealth.
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