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  • Creation of Interactive Video for Changes to the Food Label
  • The project aims to engage and educate the OSU Undergraduate Student on 2020 changes to the food label as proposed by the Food and Drug Administration. The goal of the project was the production of a collaborative and meaningful piece of work that engages with effective educational practices such as interactive graphic material, clever script, and enthusiastic scenes and acting. The education portion of the project centers around label changes regarding serving size, added sugars, and micronutrients. Increasing the literacy of reading food labels especially with these new changes will allow college-aged students to make better-informed food decisions impacting their health. Keywords: Changes to the food label, Nutrition Facts Panel, FDA, Effective Educational Practices, Interactive Video, Educational Video, Nutrition, Food Label
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  • Collins, C. M. (2018). Changes to the Food Label: Engaging and Educating Via Interactive Video (Honors Thesis). Retrieved from ScholarsArchive@OSU.
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