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Design, Manufacturing, and Integration of Fins for 2017-2018 OSU ESRA 30k Rocket Public Deposited

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  • The Oregon State University (OSU) Experimental Sounding Rocket Association (ESRA) 30k Rocket Team is a student run rocket team that competes in the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition at Spaceport America. The goal of the competition is to launch a student designed, manufactured, and tested experimental sounding rocket to 30,000 ft carrying a 10 lb. scientific payload. One component of the rocket is the fins which provide stability for the rocket. The 2017-2018 OSU ESRA 30k rocket fins are composite fins with a clipped delta planform and a double diamond cross-section. The purpose of this thesis to present the design, manufacturing, integration, and testing processes for the 2017-2018 OSU ESRA 30k rocket fins. The goal is that this thesis will be a reference and a guide for future OSU rocket teams. Background research on fins and optimal fin design is presented and the manufacturing and integration processes are described in detail. Test results are also presented. Additionally, the many lesson learned throughout the process of designing, manufacturing, integrating, and testing the fins are presented to help future teams build better fins and avoid common mistakes. Key Words: ESRA, Rocket, Fins, Design, Manufacturing, Integration, Composites
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