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The Effectiveness of Social Entrepreneurship in Port-au-Prince, Haiti Public Deposited

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  • Researchers have studied social entrepreneurship and offered detailed road maps of the process of becoming a successful social entrepreneur. However, these processes are not universal and will not function sustainably in every community. The idea that we do not know if a process will work within a community until tested is the motivation behind this study. Written by Ian C. MacMillan and James D. Thompson, The Social Entrepreneur’s Playbook illustrates one process of social entrepreneurship, which is to reduce a plan with high levels of uncertainty to one with acceptable levels of risk. Through a series of interviews and in-depth analyses of business processes, this study will compare the process described in The Social Entrepreneur’s Playbook and supported in various sources of literature to the actual process taken by one social entrepreneur. Aslan Noakes started her journey in Haiti as a nurse following the earthquake in 2010. Through her initial experiences, she saw an opportunity for sustainable aid, which led to the founding of her guesthouse, Lakay Poze. This study puts the processes provided throughout common social entrepreneurship models to the test in order to inform future social entrepreneurs how to best navigate their own businesses in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
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