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A Hobson’s Choice For Norway : Maintain National Sovereignty or Accept Full EU Membership Public Deposited

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  • As time continues, the issue of full European Union membership for Norway becomes a more pertinent issue. The EU has long awaited the membership of Norway, but unfortunately the Nordic country has decided to remain independent. Norway’s historical past has led many Norwegians to believe their country is not ready for full integration. Another union would be too soon considering Norway was under foreign domination for 500 years and just gained its independence only a century ago. Norway rejected full EU membership in 1972 and 1994. The objective of this research was to formulate a hypothesis of how Norway would vote if a “2006 Referendum” on full EU membership were to occur, as well as understand and explain Norwegians’ current concerns and benefits relative to full EU membership. Norwegians have voiced strong concern to protect its wealth generated from the extensive petroleum resources, the historical fishing sector, exclusivity of its waters, and the agricultural subsidies. Other Norwegians see full EU membership as a way to access a larger market, achieve a vote and voice in EU policies, and develop a long term future for Norway. As a result of this Norwegian opinion survey, it can be concluded that, even though Norwegians currently voiced an in favor stance, Norway will not accept full EU membership for another ten to fifteen years.
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