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A Graphical Method of Computing Offset Curves Public Deposited

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  • Computation of offset curves is an operation critical to many computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) applications. Though simple on the surface, differences between the straightforward mathematical definition and the demands of CAD/CAM environment in the formulation and expression of an offset curve create a problem for which only complicated, approximate solutions are presently available. This thesis explores one of the newest methods of offset curve computation, using graphics hardware to directly compute the offset curve for arbitrary input geometry. Linear segments of the input curve are represented as meshes in 3D space, and the rendering process is used to create a field of depth values from which the offset curve is extracted as an isoline. This results in significant performance enhancements over previous, similar methods. Combined with a quantification of the errors involved in a graphical approach, these advances bring the technique closer to industrial readiness. Algorithm performance is shown to be linear with respect to geometric complexity of the input curve.
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