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Sustainability Analysis of African Palm Biodiesel in Ecuador : An Environmental, Socio-Cultural, and Artistic Perspective Public Deposited

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  • In the thrust to shift away from fossil fuels towards renewable options, Ecuador produces African palm-based biodiesel, which is currently imported by the Unites States. An analysis of this specific interaction was done via personal contact with the industry in Ecuador and extensive literature review of the topic. The results are categorized according to environmental sustainability, socio-cultural sustainability, and artistic representation. Environmentally, and energetically, the sustainability of this endeavor is questionable. Socially, it exacerbates existing social inequalities and further impedes on the lands and cultures of marginalized populations within Ecuador. This report presents a detailed description of the involved processes and parties, as available data allowed. This thesis ultimately generates a set of relevant questions vital for crucial further investigation. With additional quantitative research, the sustainability of this fuel could be determined definitively, contributing to the necessary establishment of sustainability regulations for renewable fuels.
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