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A Brief Introductory Guide to the Discrimination Faced by the Asian American Community from the 19th Century to the Present Public Deposited

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  • This project will act as a resource in secondary schools and workplaces to help facilitate discussion of discrimination and racially motivated crimes against people in the AAPI community. Decades of oppression have led us to the current oppression of Asian Americans, notably showcased during the COVID-19 pandemic. This project highlights the journey to the oppression we see today. We begin by discussing AAPI demographics, the Model Minority Myth, and a timeline of the discrimination experienced by the Asian American community. A section on the discrimination experienced by Japanese American students at Oregon State University is also included. The project continues with a discussion on the disparities experienced by the AAPI community, as well as the contemporary hate crimes and verbal attacks experienced by the AAPI community. Lastly, we include a section that presents ways for readers to continue their learning. This project focuses on the historical and present-day discrimination experienced by Asian Americans in order to encourage readers to take action in their own lives to combat and help mitigate the longstanding discrimination and oppression experienced by Asian Americans in the United States.
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