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  • The heroine of this fantasy novel is Alina who lives in a medieval-like time and place. The day before her 20th birthday, in an impetuous moment, she breaks a local superstition by standing in a sunbeam. This allows a fairy to kidnap her and take her to the fairy castle to be a servant for her frivolous daughter. There, Alina meets several other humans, some of whom are organizing a rebellion designed to free the humans. When escaping on her own doesn‟t work, she joins the rebellion. She also attends a fairy ball in disguise, survives a troll attack in the dungeon, helps effect a rescue from the dungeon, and develops friendships with some of the fairies, including her captor‟s son. Towards the end of the novel, the rebellion is successful, but it results in a fairy‟s capture by trolls. Alina has the choice to take the opportunity to escape or return to the castle in order to rescue the fairy. During her adventures, the heroine matures from someone accustomed to complying with her friends‟ and family‟s plans for her life to a more self-sufficient individual who charts her own course.
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