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Mechanics of Northern India's Healthcare and Resulting Socioeconomic Effects Public Deposited

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  • The healthcare system of India can be categorized into three different sectors. The public sector can be characterized by lower cost and is financed through tax subsidies. The private sector can be characterized by diversity of techniques and niches. Costs associated with the private sector are generally larger than public healthcare. An additional sector that contributes to the health of India can be considered goodwill nonprofit firms. These firms are characteristically targeting an underserved segment of the population. After studying in India with CFHI and doctors within the region of Dehradun, I observed characteristics of public, private and goodwill organizations. This thesis serves to determine whether the conventions of this healthcare system provide a mechanic to segregate populations. Does the Dehradun area healthcare system provide the care necessary to serve the population, or does it serve to perpetuate and exacerbate the socioeconomic differences among residents? Recounting experiences and supporting such experience with literature and studies can identify many failures and merits of each sector. Utilizing this process, I determine that while a single sector may fail in a single regard, this weakness is countered by a strength by another sector. Thus, India’s healthcare system works provide healthcare through specialization of sectors.
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