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The Culture of Names – A Comparison between Vietnam and Denmark Public Deposited

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  • This project discusses the topic of personal names and the cultures of different peoples and their particularities, specifically in Vietnam and Denmark. The first part of this paper gives a brief history of naming traditions (mostly relating to Western European traditions). The second part of the paper compares two families of different ancestries (the Trịnhs and the Albertsons) and their naming strategies as they immigrated to the United States. By looking at the names given to each child in the Trịnh family in different generations, it is possible to describe the merging process taking place between the Vietnamese and American cultures. Likewise, with the Albertson family, it is possible to describe their family history by looking at their surnames over the generations as they immigrated to America from Denmark. Materials cited in this research include personal interviews, books on culture and language (in English and Vietnamese), as well as various data records (in English and Danish).
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