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The Effects of Debris Loading on the Performance of a Tsunami Evacuation Building for Life Safety Public Deposited

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  • In recent years, tsunami events have caused great devastation and loss of life around the globe. The coast of Oregon is highly vulnerable to a nearfield tsunami event caused by a Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake, yet lacks a clear plan for evacuation and disaster mitigation. Vertical evacuation is a proposed tsunami evacuation strategy that has been implemented in Japan and Hawaii. The City of Cannon Beach, Oregon wishes to build a City Hall building which will also serve as a vertical tsunami evacuation building (TEB). The study presented herein is one portion of a larger study to investigate a number of aspects to be considered in the design of this structure and future TEBs. This study explores the effects of debris loading, specifically debris damming, on open, columnar design coastal structures intended for use as TEBs. A generalized 1:25 scale model of the Cannon Beach City Hall building was utilized to test the relationship between leading face blocked area and force. The percentage and pattern of blocked area are varied independently. The data reveal that there is a positive relationship between blocked area and force experienced by the specimen, however pattern does not appear to effect this relationship.
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