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So You’re Hosting a Conference: A Conference Planning Guide Public Deposited

NACURH Adventures in Conference Undertakings and a Resource Handbook A Qualitative Investigation and Analysis of NACURH, Inc. Regional Conferences

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  • Each conference hosted by a NACURH, Inc. affiliated school publishes a conference wrap-up report detailing the conference hosting process and the conference itself. As a resource, these reports are intended for future conference staffs, to share the lessons learned by the last conference staff. They contain pointers to and evaluations of the process, and in qualitative analysis reveal common successes and opportunities for improvement. In a deliverables-based analysis of thirty-one wrap-up reports from 2005-2010, spanning all eight regional affiliates of NACURH, Inc., one aspect of the conference hosting process came up repeatedly, communication, and the need for every participant in the conference process to be aware of the pertinent details of the conference. This analysis is followed by a guide to the conference hosting process. The guide details the conference deliverables for a NACURH related regional conference: the objectives of the positional chair, a timeline for accomplishing work projects, and other things to consider in the planning process.
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