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  • The purpose of this thesis is to engage in a linguistic-conceptual inquiry into what it proposes might for analytical purposes be conceived—and which it hence stipulatively defines—as Applied Value Words. After constructing the conceptual framework through which to identify, and within which to characterize Applied Value Words, this thesis then engages in a deconstructive—rhetorical, grammatical, semantic—examination of the [focus] phrase “No Peace Without Justice”: (i) as an archetype of the kind of phrase in which Applied Value Words might be identified; (ii) as a springboard from which to illustrate that “peace” and “justice” might be identified Applied Value Words. That is, more specifically: (i) why these focal words might be identified as such, and (ii) how, precisely, they fit this thesisʼ characterization of Applied Value Words as they appear in the focus phrase. Finally, this thesis stipulates, characterizes, reflects on, and summarily evaluates two particular approaches (viz., the “ordinary” and the “idealist”), both of which bear on how one might think about thinking about, using, and judging—the various conceptions and varieties of usage in—such words as might be considered Applied Value Words.
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