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Development and Optimization of Medicinal Infused Hydrogel Patch and Cloth for the Treatment of Burn Patients Public Deposited

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  • Rapid and effective treatment of burn injuries is critical to prevent long term damage. Besides the pain associated with the burn injury due to damage and death of surrounding tissue and cells, there is a large risk for complications, particularly infection, following a burn injury. To address these risks, Meta Material Systems, Inc developed Metamix, a proprietary mixture of botanical compounds with assumed healing and antibacterial properties, to be infused in hydrogel dressings. Based on physical and rheological properties, the optimal formulation for Metamix hydrogels was identified as 1.75 weight percent KELCOGELTM High Acyl Gellan Gum with 25 percent Metamix content by volume. Gels of this composition did not exhibit syneresis and released contents when applied to an absorbent surface. In longitudinal studies of hydrogel stability, 97% of optimized hydrogels stored in LDPE bags at 4 °C had a lifetime greater than 21 months with no mold formation or dehydration (n=67). To create an integrated wound wrap, hydrogels were successfully imbibed in a high performance polymer fabric, improving strength, elasticity, and ease of application without sacrificing flexibility. A series of optimized Metamix hydrogel formulations were submitted for clinical testing but results have not yet been determined. Key Words: hydrogels, rheology, Metamix, syneresis
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