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Multiple Personality “Order” : Various Approaches to Patient Care Public Deposited

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  • As an observer shadowing a physician in the Emergency Department, I witnessed many patients coming to the hospital with various diseases, conditions, mental and emotional states, and background. At the moment I am watching the scene happening right in front of my eyes, I tell myself I will never forget what just happened. Yet, as time goes by, my memories begin to slowly fade and my thoughts and feelings are forgotten. In order for me to remember my precious experiences, I knew I had to write it down, which is why I decided to write a compilation of short stories for my Honors College Thesis project. The following are four stories about my shadowing experiences in the Emergency room and experiences at a nursing home facility, where I worked. The overall theme that runs commonly throughout the four stories addresses the questions, “What does it mean to be a professional in health care?” and “What does patient care involve?” Such issues are discussed in addition to ethical and personal issues that arouse while I was reflecting back on my experience.
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