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Evaluating Barriers to Accessing Parenting Education Services Public Deposited

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  • The relationship between a parent and child in the first years of life have a significant effect on the development of children. Parenting education can be a valuable resource for learning evidence-based parenting strategies, but access to parenting education is limited in many states. Oregon has a unique statewide system to support parenting education, called the Oregon Parenting Education Collaborative (OPEC). Although OPEC offers parenting education classes across the state, many people experience barriers to participating. The data from a survey of 6,581 parents was analyzed to understand what barriers were most commonly reported, how many barriers parents experienced, and what factors predict the numbers of barriers. The study found that although the majority of participants did not indicate any barriers. The 40% who did mostly commonly expressed “time” as a barrier. Parents who identify as Hispanic, low-SES parents and those parenting with other relatives in the home had the greatest odds of experiencing barriers. Key Words: parenting education, Oregon Parenting Education Collaborative, barriers to access
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