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The Effects of In Ovo Feeding of Fatty Acids and Antioxidants on Broiler Chicken Hatchability and Chick Tissue Lipids Public Deposited

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  • Hatchability of broiler eggs has not increased over the last twenty years. Increasing hatchability with in ovo technology may be possible through feeding metabolic modulators to the developing embryo. Exogenous fatty acids and antioxidants provided during incubation may enhance polyunsaturated fatty acid, lipid, and antioxidant status of the chicken embryo. This hypothesis was evaluated by conducting three experiments: first, in ovo feeding of polyunsaturated fatty acids (conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), alpha-linolenic acid (LNA), and second, injection of palmitate/carnitine (PC) or control. In experiment three, in ovo injection of 10 IU or 20 IU of vitamin E (VE) was performed. Hatchability of chicks receiving CLA and LNA was reduced compared saline injection and chick livers showed no difference in total lipid (p>0.05). Hatchability was reduced in PC and control groups compared to the non-injected treatment. Lipid content of liver and heart tissue was increased in the PC injected chicks compared to control (p<0.05). Hatchability of fertile eggs was 88% for both VE injected treatments. Chicks injected with VE had increased brain weight as percent of body weight compared to non-injected chicks (p<0.05). Brain total lipid and VE content were increased in all three injected chicks compared with non-injected (p<0.05). In ovo feeding of VE may enhance brain tissue lipids and the antioxidant status of hatched chicks.
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