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A Proposed Equine Business Model for the Training and Resale of Jumpers Public Deposited

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  • The goal of this project was to determine whether an equine business in which the sole income is from the short term retraining and resale of horses could be successful. Horses would hypothetically be kept for not less than six months and not longer than one year, and priced from $10,000 to $15,000 depending on the amount of training they receive. They would be purchased for no more than $2,000, and all costs of care and maintenance would be accounted for. Special consideration was given to determine that all horses would be fed diets that are both nutritionally balanced and within a specified budget. To increase value, all horses would be shown, but these shows were selected based on proximity to the training facility to minimize excess time involvement and traveling expenses. To determine the practicality of the increased value of a horse over such a short time period, a trial was done with one horse. The horse’s value was successfully increased to $10,000 within the approximate time frame of 6-7 months. The horse was not sold despite an aggressive marketing campaign. Ultimately, it was determined that this was due to a drop in the demand for horses as a result of a decline in the economy. As a result, it was concluded that while it is possible to improve the value of a horse for profit, such a business endeavor would only be wise to undertake during a rise or high point in the market. An attempt at such a business should only be done if the market is projected to remain well enough to allow the business to break even and repay all business loans for start up costs within the first five years. It would also be wise if after those first five years the skills of the business owner would allow them to supplement income during poor years by training horses owned by others and waiting to purchase more resale horses until the market improves.
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