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Using An Array of NE Pacific Margin Sediment Samples to Link Land and Ocean Responses to Glacial-Interglacial Climate Variability Public Deposited

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  • Variability in the terrigenous (land-derived) fraction of marine sediments, including pollen and rock fragments, reflects the effects of regional climate change on continentally derived runoff, ice extent, vegetation and ocean circulation. The transport of this continental material to the seafloor must be understood in order to interpret the terrigenous sediment record. This is investigated using several geochemical tracers to identify transport pathways of material from Pacific Northwest rivers to continental margin depositional sites. We report the results of 40Ar/39Ar incremental heating and !Nd of bulk detrital sediments (20-63" fraction) from core tops in an array of thirteen sites along the continental margin of the Pacific Northwest. Geochemical signatures of sediment transport along the continental margin are found to reflect proximal river sources reported by VanLaningham et al. (2006), and the seasonal effect of northward flow in the Davidson Current. This study provides the ‘proof of concept’ needed to describe downcore changes in detrital sediment source and accumulation rate over the last 30ka at 3 sites within this array. Comparison of such changes to highly correlated variability in pollen and plankton assemblages will distinguish terrestrial landscape changes from changes in ocean circulation, as Pacific NW climate changed from glacial to present conditions.
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