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Red Raspberry Production Cost Comparison in Oregon and Chile Public Deposited

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  • Red raspberry markets in both Chile and Oregon are affected by factors in each other‟s production processes. As seen in the late 1990‟s changes in pricing and supply can hinder the competitive edge of markets, pushing producers into economic hardship. Thus, the need to know the competition‟s methods is presented. Oregon raspberry production practices involve larger farms, frequent chemical and fertilizer use, mechanization of harvesting and farm operations, and strict regulations in both international and domestic fresh supply. Chile consists of many small farms, which on average are 3% of the size of Oregon farms. Fertilizer and other chemical use is more approximation and with less frequency, hand-labor dominates farming practices, and regulations are strict on the global market but relax in the domestic fresh market. Commercial presence of raspberries in Chile is larger with higher consumption of the berries and cheaper domestic supply. Now Oregon producers will have insight into differences and possible improvement of their competitive edge in the raspberry market.
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