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  • The Introductory Physics 20X series has developed an advanced, metacognitive curriculum which requires a high degree of active learning in order for students to succeed in the class. Recently, the series has been transferred to the online campus, Ecampus, and is now available for distance learners. My work is focused on the comparative analysis between all three cohorts: the traditional college classroom in Corvallis (OSU), the smaller branch campus in Bend (OSU-Cascades), and the online campus (Ecampus). This analysis is academically centered: how are students succeeding in class based on their chosen cohort? Which assignments in the gradebook influence exam grades the most? We also looked at the relationship between a student’s demographic identity and their academic performance. From our data, we have found several indicators that influence a student’s performance on exams. We have also determined the demographic compositions of all cohorts, thus enhancing our drive towards further inclusivity. Most importantly, we have outlined the significance and necessity of providing competent education remotely. We, as educators, must work together towards improving the accessibility and online instruction so that all students, no matter their geographic location or limitations, have a chance to succeed as easily as those in traditional classrooms.
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