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Novel Predictive Simulation of Organ Perfusion Kinetics for Design of Cryopreservation Procedures Public Deposited

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  • Despite the many advances in biotechnology and biomedical engineering, the need for long term organ and tissue storage remains among the unsolved problems in the field. Researchers are investigating several possible solutions to the issue that aim to maintain the function and integrity of the biological tissues during storage and after transplantation. This thesis will focus on the method of cryopreservation as a means to preserve organs for an extended period of time due to its potential for unmatched storage times compared to alternative procedures. Primarily, this thesis will examine the ability to transport cryoprotective agents into the tissue of a lung. The results of the simulation provide trends during a lung perfusion process in terms of the relative organ size. In order to determine the accuracy of the predictions, literature research was performed to find the characteristics of lung tissue. This allows for the closest simulation of an organ perfusion without a physical experiment. It was found that the simulation was capable of simulating a steady state perfusion process, and make predictions regarding the mass change based on various pressures, perfusion solutions, and perfusion flow rates.
  • Keywords: cryopreservation, organ perfusion, Matlab
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