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Assessing the Maturity of Industrial Engineering as an Engineering Discipline Public Deposited

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  • Industrial Engineering is a broad discipline, with a wide range of definitions for the field and the knowledge areas that make up its parts. A conceptual gap exists between the definition of the field of Industrial Engineering and the definitions of each of these parts. To facilitate advancement of the field and to enable practicing industrial engineers to effectively choose problem solving approaches, a conceptual framework is necessary to organize and define the field of Industrial Engineering. This thesis utilizes a systemic approach to attempt creating such a framework based on the general stages of a scientific endeavor. The proposed framework would connect the knowledge areas to each other and to the field by connecting each knowledge area to specific stages of a scientific endeavor. The attempt to create such a framework was unsuccessful, due to a lack of sufficient and specific definition of the knowledge areas. The conclusion follows that Industrial Engineering is not a mature engineering discipline, due to the lack of clear definitions of the parts and relationships between the parts. Further work is necessary to develop the definition of Industrial Engineering and its related Body of Knowledge.
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