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Optimizing shared mooring and anchoring strength for floating offshore wind turbine arrays Public Deposited

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  • Energy from offshore wind could provide substantial power generation if further utilized. One area of significant research focus is in developing floating offshore wind devices, which would allow for wind energy to be gathered in deep water where driven monopile turbines are infeasible. However, floating offshore wind is not currently marketable, and design optimization is required for it to approach financial viability. A method proposed to decrease the cost is to connect mooring lines from multiple turbines to a single anchor. The dynamics of this system are complex and decrease the reliability of the components of the wind array. A proposed hypothesis to remedy this is to strengthen a small number of important anchors significantly more than the rest. A noise-resistant optimization algorithm was developed using elements of genetic algorithms and Bayesian optimization to identify the optimal anchors to strengthen to improve safety. A previously developed simulation that evaluates the reliability of a hypothetical floating wind array utilizing the multi-line anchor concept was used as an objective function. While the resultant reliability values were uncompetitive compared to slightly strengthening all anchors, analyzed trends showed opportunity for the concept to work if a higher number of anchors are overstrengthened.
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