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Help Me Out! How Coworkers Can Influence Genuine Emotions Public Deposited

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  • On a daily basis, employees in the service industry manage their emotional and physical displays, both to their coworkers and customers. Whether this management is for personal gain or organizational requirement, these attempts to manage other’s impressions can have important personal effects. Specifically, when managing emotional displays to customers, there are more personal costs when someone must fake or suppress their emotions, compared to displaying genuine emotions. Using an experiential sampling method, this study attempts to explain one way in which employees may be influenced to display genuine emotions towards customers. It is theorized that ingratiation, attempting to seem likeable by one’s coworkers, will lead to the employee feeling a sense of relatedness with their coworkers. This sense of relatedness is postulated to function as a personal psychological resource for the employee, helping them to express genuine emotions. Results suggest that ingratiation can have a slightly positive effect on perceptions of relatedness, which in turn has a positive effect on individuals displaying genuine emotions to customers.
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