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Move Time Associated with Pharmacy Technicians' Workflows Public Deposited

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  • Pharmacy technicians play a critical role in delivering patient care. As part of their regular job roles, however, these individuals spend time walking on the campuses of the healthcare facilities at which they work. This walking or ‘move-time’ is considered nonvalue-added time and constitutes a cost for the organization. To estimate this cost, we assessed pharmacy technician workflows and processes using interviews, participatory observation, and Fitbit-based step count data. We collected move time data on five pharmacy technicians at two hospital locations for a duration of 269 hours and 47 minutes of work time. Our results showed that the pharmacy technicians spent a significant amount of work time in motion. The actual amounts of move time depended on the type of processes and tasks that were performed by each pharmacy technician. Our investigation revealed opportunities for process improvement at the participating hospital locations.
  • Key Words: Healthcare, Pharmacy Technician, Process, Value, Wait, Move, Time, Steps
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