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Mixed-Conifer Stands of the Deschutes National Forest : A Brief History

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  • In an effort to qualify the historical management and its effects on current stand structure, historical records, literature of the inter-mountain West, and current observations were utilized to paint a picture of the Deschutes National Forest. Stand data were collected for the Deschutes during the summers of 2009 and 2010. Data include tree size distribution across the forest including regeneration, historical numbers of large pines based on cuts found, photographs, and spatial distribution data. Observations and notes from this field work will be used along with the data to describe current conditions and how they reflect historic management. Historical records were organized into a database for future use. A historical narrative of the Deschutes National Forest, current observations, and a catalog of historical references were produced in an effort to aid in future management decisions. The narrative and observations are intended to paint a picture of how the forest was and is currently, and how it could be managed to create more resilient forest stands in the Deschutes. The catalog is aimed to gather a database of historical documents in one location to aid in future research and management.
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