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The introduction of renewable wave energy to the existing power grid Public

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  • Wind energy is a cornerstone to the world of renewables. It is widely used in many parts of the world as a clean and effective form of power generation. However, wind power has a number of drawbacks, which limits its use in many regions. Solar power has been used not only for small electronic devices, but as a power generating addition to some homes. The output of solar power is not as substantial as wind energy, but it is much easier to deal with, and simple to construct. Wave power has emerged with great promise in the last few years. This new power has immense room to grow, and could possibly be more stable and reliable than wind power, with potentially less environmental impact than hydroelectric power. Wave energy has the potential to generate more power for less cost than most forms of renewables. Wave energy can be a major contributor to the Oregon power grid in the near future, and with increased support for the technology growing, it may have a strong impact on the world’s energy problems.
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