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Domestic Well Aquifer Storage Using Seasonal Springs Public Deposited

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  • In the face of increasing demand for and reduced supplies of water, methods to augment water supply and storage capacity are becoming increasingly important. In some areas, this has taken the form of aquifer storage and recovery (ASR), which involves injecting water into a well during a time of water surplus and storing it for later recovery when water is more scarce, essentially using the aquifer as an underground reservoir. Although groundwater and surface water-derived ASR has been implemented on a large scale for industrial, municipal, and agricultural uses, its potential as a tool for domestic well owners, particularly in utilizing spring water, is largely unexplored. The objective of this study was to develop and apply criteria for investigating the feasibility of ASR on a small scale, using water from a natural spring, at a site outside of Toledo, Oregon. Successful implementation of ASR in the Oregon Coast Range could provide well owners with a year-round supply of water, but depends on hydrogeologic feasibility at a very local scale. The assessment procedure used here can be applied by small well owners to assess the feasibility of implementing an ASR system for exempt use.
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