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Core Site Sediment Sources off of Sumatra Public Deposited

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  • The intention of this honors thesis was to define the boundaries of the basins responsible for feeding sedimentary materials to the core sites taken for the 2007 OSU Sumatra Cruise. These boundaries were defined with the specific use in mind of tracking potential sources of material that would likely be incorporated into earthquake induced turbidites found at the sites that were cored. The approximate basin and subbasin boundaries were ascertained via two separate methods. The resultant stream system was then used to produce a geometric network capable of tracking connectivity, upstream accumulation, direct pathways, and a variety of other functions between a specified core site and any other chosen location that retains viable connectivity with the core site in question. These analysis capabilities, as well as the mapped basin and subbasin boundaries, will hopefully be useful in the further understanding of the transport of sedimentary materials at this study site.
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