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Writing an Educational Children’s Book to Promote Bilingualism and Multiculturalism Public Deposited

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  • Creating an untraditional more personalized thesis allowed me to combine my passion for children, travel, language, and books all into one. Hans the Adventurer is a children’s book about a young German boy who loves to go on adventures. However Han’s has to go on the adventure alone when his best friend and dog Oskar decides to chase a badger. Hans takes the reader along an adventure trying to find Oskar and in the process teaches about German culture, language, and history. My purpose was to promote children to learn another language and to want to learn about various different cultures. The process of designing and writing a children’s book is much more difficult that one would think. My thesis contains some brief history on children’s literature, a summary of why I chose my topics, the character development, and some research about a Child’s capacity for foreign language.
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