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¡Sí, Se Puede! Yes, You Can! Employing a Personal Testimonio to Show Young Latinx Students and Families That Their Dreams of College are Well Within Reach Public Deposited

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  • From my personal experiences, I’ve noticed that Latinx students and families are most receptive to college-related information communicated as anecdotes. Latinx students are among the most poorly represented demographic at universities nationwide, which I believe can be mitigated through calculated efforts to increase collegiate literacy and understanding. This project is a series of five videos, directed towards Latinx students and families interested in learning about college, that capture key components of my experience as a Latino student in STEM. My video series and written thesis are both versions of my personal testimonio (testimony), which is non-traditional information that provides words of advice and shared experiences that my audience can connect with. My testimonio aids in shifting the power structure in academia by providing academic resources to a historically underrepresented demographic. This video series will be posted and housed on Precollege Programs' websites as a free educational tool.
  • Keywords: Latinx, Hispanic, minority, outreach, testimonio, epistemology, HSI
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