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Questions of Stasis in a Post-Truth World Public Deposited

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  • Stasis theory has long stood as a foundational pillar of Western rhetoric. It is an integral component of the canon of invention, and has been in existence since the times of ancient Greek scholars. However, it is currently facing a substantive challenge to its efficacy and its very existence. This challenge comes in the form of the post-truth phenomenon that our world is currently experiencing. This thesis endeavors to elucidate the ways in which stasis theory is complicated by post-truth. This is done by first conducting a historical analysis of stasis that traces it through Greek, Roman, and contemporary iterations. Subsequently post-truth is defined and discussed. Then, the Pizzagate incident is made of use as an emblematic token of post-truth, and utilizes that controversy to demonstrate the specific ways in which the process of stasis is confounded. Upon discussing those complications, the thesis contemplates various methods for combating post-truth and deems that they will all either be ineffective or associated with costs too great to warrant their implementation.
  • Key Words: Stasis Theory, Post-Truth, Pizzagate, Rhetoric, Invention, Public Discourse, Social Media
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