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How the Portrayal of Women Characters in the Zorro and Robin Hood Stories Has Changed Over Time Public Deposited

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  • This thesis explores how female characters in the Zorro and Robin Hood stories have changed throughout time, from beginnings until present day. I began my analysis by first researching whether Zorro and Robin Hood existed, and found that Robin Hood was most likely a real man who lived during the 1300s, while Zorro was created by the author Johnston McCulley in 1919. Then I investigated five sources from the Robin Hood canon and five from the Zorro canon, looking for patterns and differences in the female characters. I found that both stories started out with a strong female character, both fluctuated between a strong a weak female character, and both, at some point, split the main female character into two characters, one strong and one weak. In the latest versions of the Robin Hood and Zorro stories, the female characters are blended together again to form a character stronger than ever before. I conclude that the characters were split because it was unacceptable at the time each story was set for women to display both strength and weakness. The blending of different aspects of personality, such as masculinity and femininity, beauty and strength, allow for the development of a multi-faceted person.
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