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The Scab Sheet: Examining the Legacy and Revival of an OSU Student Protest Publication Public Deposited

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  • The Scab Sheet is a student activist publication at OSU. Originally published in 1969-1970, a group of students revived it in 2017 after a near 50-year gap. The fact that students deliberately resurrected this important and storied student publication suggests that students still believe this particular name and outlet have value. The goal of this project is to gain insight into the purpose, uses, and continued significance of the Scab Sheet. To accomplish this goal, I focused my exploration on identifying differences and similarities between the original and revival runs through the use of thematic analysis and some visual research. Some of the areas of significance identified over the course of this project are the topics addressed across different editions of The Scab Sheet, differences in genre and structure, and a shared theme of dissatisfaction with the institution and community of OSU. Examining these texts reveals an intriguing array of qualities shared and unique. Ultimately, I believe that both the original and revival editions of this publication serve largely similar purposes but in different ways. They each approach this goal differently, but both provide an outlet for students experiencing oppression at OSU.
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