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Homeland Security Aspects of Oregon State’s Wave Energy Project Public Deposited

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  • Wave energy has a promising future, especially for the Pacific Northwest, and Oregon, pioneering the way to meet Oregon’s goal of 25% renewable energy by 2025. The project represents a significant ability to harness the untapped potential energy of ocean waves, and maintains the potential to replace standard power sources for a majority of the world as the technology develops. Wave energy is economical, environmentally friendly, and revolutionary. With any new project come inherent risks, and as seen with developed power technology and methods, most are vulnerable in some way. Those threats, while present, can be mitigated and limited. The ocean is a harsh, unforgiving environment, which will take its environmental toll on the project without human tampering. Add to that the threat of sabotage, and the remote location of these wave parks, attention must be paid to the different methods of monitoring, securing and maintaining them to fully take advantage of the benefits that can be provided.
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