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Rototyper: A Novel Solution to Low Cost Three Dimensional Prototyping Public Deposited

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  • In the continuing effort to reduce time spent in the product development cycle many industries have realized the benefits of rapid prototyping. Within a few hours a design engineer can turn a computer model into an actual three-dimensional object allowing customers, engineers and marketing agents to evaluate a product early in the design process, permitting quick iterative design changes to be implemented concurrently with product development. Commercially available rapid prototyping devices can produce objects quickly; however the high cost of these devices limits their accessibility to the majority of potential users, including small businesses and academia. The Rototyper is a novel, prize-winning solution to extremely low cost rapid prototyping that was produced to fulfill the graduation requirements of the Oregon State University Honors College and Department of Engineering. This document serves as a reflection and final collection of works produced during the design and construction of the Rototyper.
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