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Development of assessment to determine first term general chemistry mathematical fluency Public Deposited

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  • The purpose of this study was to analyze the scores of a mental math quiz taken by the CH 231 trailer course at Oregon State University and to determine courses of action to increase the success of students in general chemistry based on the results of the analysis. Students were given a mental math quiz at the beginning and end of the term. The average score of the pre-mental math quiz was 4.65 and the post-mental math quiz was 6.40. The average score increased slightly, but students generally kept the same score that they began the term with. Students are not entering general chemistry with the needed mathematical abilities and they are not learning them on their own during the term. Thus, I suggest implementing a mental math assessment at the beginning of each term to assess students’ abilities. The results would show the mathematical abilities of students in the course, which can aid professors in providing the appropriate learning resources. Spending a small amount of effort on providing students with resources so they can understand and apply mathematical concepts, will save time in the long run both for students and professors and increase student success in general chemistry.
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