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  • Any work of literature is a product of its time revealing truths about its culture. My thesis explores how pre-selected inspiration, personal experiences, and current events play a role in the devising process of a script. The inspiration for this particular devised play is Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke; an assembly of ten letters which explore solitude, self-discovery, love, fear, sorrow, and moreover, the synthesis of these concepts in the creation of art. I outline the devising procedure including discussion of the significance of current events, an analysis of Rilke’s writing, the ensemble’s creation of personal writings and reflections through introspection, and the workshopping process of the final script, The Upward-Beating Heart, which was performed on the Oregon State University Mainstage in Spring 2017. In conclusion, we devised a play which embraced not only the themes present in Letters to a Young Poet, but also the personal experiences of the devising ensemble and the political climate of early 2017. Although not set in our current day and age, the story reflects what is going on in the world today.
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