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Excellence in healthcare : The identification of characteristics of organizational excellence Public Deposited

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  • Key Words: Organizational Excellence, Performance Excellence, Health Systems
  • There are an alarmingly low number of hospitals and healthcare systems that have been identified as excellent, leaving the impression that the majority of hospitals are performing below this expectation. Performance excellence should be the standard of all health systems. The objective of this paper is to identify key criteria/characteristics of performance excellence in health systems in order to develop a measurement of excellence that may be used by similar health organizations. This will be achieved by examining current rating systems to determine what criteria of organizational excellence is measured, as well as researching key attributes of examples of healthcare and nonhealthcare organizations identified as excellent, to find any similarities. From the research, the identified key characteristics for performance excellence were placed into seven pillars: Planning and Management, Leadership, Patient Satisfaction and Quality of Care, Service, Employee Satisfaction and Empowerment of Employees, Growth, and Financial Performance. Once the identified attributes are determined, they can be utilized by healthcare systems to achieve and sustain excellence.
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