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Spatial and temporal variations in respiration rates and hypoxia on the Oregon shelf Public Deposited

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  • Inner shelf hypoxia has occurred along the Oregon coast between the latitudes 44ºN and 45ºN since 2002 with increasing duration and intensity, posing a threat to marine life. The objective of this research was to determine whether variation in respiration rate explains spatial and temporal variation in hypoxia. Dissolved oxygen concentrations of water samples were measured over time using a fluorescence-based oxygen meter, the Fibox. This method was found to be highly correlated to the established Winkler titration (R2 = 0.987). Respiration rates were found to increase from 45ºN to 44.6ºN and to decrease from 44.6ºN to 44.2ºN. From August to September 2007, along the 44.3ºN line, respiration rates became slightly faster, while along 44.9ºN line, they became slightly slower. There is a high correlation between respiration rate and depth (R2 = 0.604), temperature (R2 = 0.755), and initial dissolved oxygen concentration measured by either the Conductivity-Temperature-Depth instrument (R2 = 0.812) or by the Fibox (R2 = 0.780). There is a low correlation between respiration rate and chlorophyll-a concentration (R2 = 0.239). Direct experiments revealed that artificially adding oxygen or carbon to the system increases respiration rate, indicating that the system is not saturated with oxygen or carbon.
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