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The Impacts of Voluntourism in a Rural Community in Nepal Public Deposited

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  • Voluntourism is a field of service work that combines volunteer work and leisure travel. With its increase in popularity in recent years, research concerning the impacts of voluntourism in developing countries is lacking. This study aims to discover the impacts that volunteers have on communities, specifically in Nepal. Using a multimethod approach, data was collected through archival analysis, an informal group interview, and surveys that were distributed to students who traveled to Nepal in 2018 and 2019 with the Oregon State University Honors College Building Hope Program partnering with the Hands On Institute, a local Nepali NGO that works with Dalit communities. The surveys provided descriptions of daily life, living conditions, attitudes and overall impact of voluntourism on the community studied in Nepal. Respondents who traveled to Nepal in 2018 observed a lack of accessibility to water, poor sanitation, no place for group gatherings and didn’t feel that the community was tightknit. Respondents who traveled to Nepal in 2019 observed better access to water, improved sanitation, a place for the community to gather together and they felt that the community was very tightknit. This study concluded that when carefully and conscientiously performed, voluntourism can be seen as a way to help communities in Nepal; positively impacting both the lives of those in the community as well as visiting volunteers.
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