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The Eight Elements for Identifying the Story of Snow White: From Grimms’ to DEFA to Disney Public Deposited

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  • The Grimms’ Brothers left their mark on history when they published their first edition of the Kinder- und Hausmärchen gesammelt durch die Brüder Grimm (Nursery and Household tales Collected by the Brothers Grimm) in 1812. Among these newly published tales was that of Snow White. Within the paradigm of the United States, the most salient example of Grimms’ fairy tales are the better-known Disney films that have shaped the childhoods of many generations; starting in 1937, when Disney released its first feature-length animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. In 1962, an East German Production Company by the name of Deutsche Filmaktiengesellschaft (DEFA), produced their own adaptation of Snow White, Schneewittchen. The purpose of this thesis is to highlight that despite differences in time, culture, and medium the story of Snow White is still recognizable with the inclusion of eight core elements. These eight being: Snow White the character, the Evil Queen, the Mirror, the Huntsman, the Seven Dwarfs, the Apple, Snow White’s Revival, and her Happily Ever After. The absence of any of the eight elements would not be Snow White but an entirely different story.
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