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Posthumously Yours : A Kunderian Approach to Fiction Public Deposited

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  • In this piece of original work, I employ a Kunderian approach to fiction. The purpose of my novel is to examine how the causative element, a pivotal moment of change for a cast of characters, changes spatially and temporally. In Posthumously Yours, I explore themes of trauma, loss, and grief and their subsequent effects on relationships and identity formation. The reader sees crucial moments or traumas from the perspective and position of different characters, exploring how these events change with the new perspectives and how the event changes the position of each of the characters. Every character has equal weight in the overarching story, but each voice is distinct. The novel also explores events as they change in time. This is developed in the main character, Max’s perspective as he reaches into the past to reexamine his relationship with Cora from its beginning. As he looks back, he reshapes moments that we see in other characters’ perspectives. Chapters directly following the event and characters’ reflections years later to show how their lives have been shaped by pivotal moments and how their perception of these moments has changed as temporal distance from it has increased.
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