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The Remember Center - Care Center for Trafficked Children in Ghana, Africa Public Deposited

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  • The Remember Center (TRC) is a long term care center for previously trafficked children. In Ghana, there is a huge child trafficking problem because of the impoverished state the country is in and the lack of involvement from the government. With the fishing industry depleting because Lake Volta is running out of fish, and with there being a lack of alternative jobs outside of the fishing and farming industry, 40% of the country is living below the poverty line. (UNODC) Those who do work in the fishing industry realize the need for cheap labor; therefore, they recruit children to work for them. Some realize that it is wrong that they are taking children from their families and not allowing them to receive an education; others think they are doing a good thing by giving the child a chance to work for them. A report released in 2016 by Understanding Children’s Work showed that about 1.9 million children ages five to 17 were involved in child labor, making up about 22% of the age group in the country. (gvnet.com) Most of these children were recruited by traffickers.
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  • Briscoe, Halli L.The Remember Center - Care Center for Trafficked Children in Ghana, Africa. Oregon State University, 2019.
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