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Proposal for an App that Supports Learning Assistants as They Engage with Learners

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  • With the creation of a new engineering curriculum, first-year engineering students at Oregon State University are now required to learn programming through the ENGR 103 course. Although learning assistants were prepared and trained to assist students throughout the entire ENGR series, ENGR 103 poses unique challenges due to its specific focus on computer science. As a computer science major and past learning assistant for ENGR 103, I document and discuss these unique challenges. In this thesis, I report on three things: a review of the literature on students’ struggles specifically with Python, (2) a review of sources that describe the best features for engaging apps, and (3) interviews with experts on this topic. I then provide details about a low-fidelity prototype for an app that would help learning assistants provide assistance for students.
  • Keywords: Python, programming, learning assistant, students support, peer facilitation, application, design principles
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