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The Effect of Varying Parameters on Web Vibration Analysis Accuracy Public Deposited

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  • The SpiderHarp is a bio-inspired electronic musical instrument that uses a localization algorithm developed at Oregon State University to translate plucks of its strings into musical notes. This localization algorithm was inspired by the way spiders locate prey in their webs. The SpiderHarp frame, sensors, and web design are also used to model the travel of vibrations in actual spider webs. In order to improve the localization algorithm and determine the web tension settings that lead to highest accuracy of the localization algorithm, the algorithm was tested at varying radial and spiral web tensions as well as various cutoff parameters for the window of data being used by the algorithm. These experiments showed that restricting the data used by the localization algorithm to a short time period around the initial sensing of the pluck increases the accuracy of the algorithm. Also, these experiments showed that the localization algorithm was able to more accurately determine the distance of the pluck from the center of the web when the web spiral tension was lower.
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