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Characterization of the Ovine Prolactin Promoter Public Deposited

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  • Approximately five to eight percent of domestic rams demonstrate a sexual attraction towards other rams, directing no sexual behaviors towards estrous ewes. It has been observed that these male-oriented rams (MORs) have a greater abundance of prolactin mRNA than female-oriented rams in the medial preoptic area of the anterior hypothalamus (MPOA-AH), a region critical for the expression of sexual behavior in mammalian species. We hypothesize that this difference in prolactin expression may arise from subtle differences in the transcriptional control sequences within the gene’s promoter. While the ovine promoter sequence is not yet known, comparable regions in the human demonstrate the presence of many direct and inverted repeated sequences. Preliminary analysis of the sheep promoter region by bubble and inverted PCR, as well as boomerang DNA amplification, has generated data consistent with inverted repeats. Results generated by analysis using these DNA amplification techniques will be described. In addition, future research aims regarding sequencing and further characterization of the ovine promoter will be discussed.
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